About Us

About Us

Revolutionizing the Liquidation Business

Our goal is to be a marketplace for returned, excess, and/or liquidated inventory from Fortune 500 retailers and manufacturers. We look to revolutionize the liquidation business by applying world-class technology and services that create efficiency, transparency, and trust for all of our clients.

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Why Sell Overstock Inventory?

Returned and overstock inventory represents a $500 billion a year problem for retailers and implementing an efficient and outside of the box solution is a must in today’s competitive environment.

In the past, online liquidators pawned off “as is” and “salvage-grade” merchandise to buyers as the best value available in the wholesale marketplace. Product misrepresentation, low-grade items, and a narrow assortment of tier-2 or tier-3 brands were commonplace.

We are changing the game by stocking top-tier products from top-tier retailers in our warehouse ready to ship.

Fast Shipping. Unmatched Prices.

Get closeout pricing on your favorite brands of overstock and surplus merchandise.

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